From the producers of A Fistful of Barrels comes a new video featuring an entirely new wave. The small town of Arica, Chile hosts the ASP World Tour's Top 44 at Ex Isla Alacrans during the Rip Curl Pro Search Chile. Following hot on the heels of last year's epic sessions at the Mexican pointbreak known only as La Jolla, The Search extends its one-of-a-kind Floating License to South America, where the world's best face-off with one of the most challenging waves to ever host a World Tour event.
What started out as a question mark became one of the greatest slab duels ever held, complete with heat-ending injuries and the spectacle of the world's best dry-docked on the shallow Chilean reef, leaving some holding their bandaged heads and others simply shaking theirs at a wave compared to both Pipeline and Teahupo'o for it's ferocity.
Defending champ Andy Irons swapped last year's Mexican sombrero for a Chilean Alpaca when he sealed his second Rip Curl Pro Search victory, defeating Damien Hobgood in the finals.
A Bowlful of Chile serves up a heaping portion of thick lips and nasty pits as the Top 44 not only survive, but rip their way through two weeks of freesurf and contest heats in a flurry of barrels and bandages.

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